Little Jimmy Scott and Carrie
Smith in BuffaloIn Cairo by the great Pyramid
Roger, EJ and McDuffPlaying a L.A. house party
The Sphinks
Playing with Brother Jack and
Roger Humpries on DrumsCarrie Smith and Bill Easley
in Buffalo
Welcome to the official website of Jazz Guitarist   Eric Johnson
George Benson sitting in at the Lenox Lounge With Mel Davis and Matt Baronello
George in the Bronx
Jammin with GB and the band
at sound check in Pgh
Jammin with Red Holloway and Ricky Woodard
Jerry Jemmott and Hank Crawford
Taken in the mid 70's in Houston Dwight Bey,EJ, Leon Spencer Jr ,Dr. LonnieSmith,
Lou Donaldson and Clifford Adams(I don't Know the last guy)
Dennis Rowland and Spanky Wilson....that"s Frankie Capp in
the background
Playing with Leon Spencer Jr's
Group in the 70's
Spencer in the 70's
EJ,Dennis and Spanky in
Palm Springs
Dizzy, Clifford Jordan,Sonny Fortune,Percy and Jimmy Heath Many others in Dakar Senegal
EJ and the legend Kenny Clarke hanging out at the pool
at Club Med in Dakar, WOW !,
what a cool mellow guy. We really Bonded
EJ and 98 year old tenor titan
Max Lucas
The Fabalous A-Team posing
at one of our gigs
Jammin' with the great Willis "Gatortail" Jackson at the West End in NYC
Darryl Washington (Grover's
younger brother),Clifford Jordan,Jimmy Heath,Sonny
Fortune,Jerry Jemmott and Kenny Clarke among others
Jimmy Heath, Kenny Clark in Senegal that's me and Jerry Jemmott in the background
Jimmy and Paula Sapenza,
Brian Edwards and Butch Jones
Richard "notes" Williams,Jimmy
Owens,EJ,Billy Hart and Chris White in Europe
The late great Mad Bomber
(his nickname for himself)The
Legendary Joe Dukes
Playing in Seattle with Dr. Lonnie Smith and Fuku
Another shot from Seattle
The Greatest female Jazz
Musician Shirley Scott
The late Roger Cole and Sam 
the Man
At Pitt university Dr. Nathan Davis,Richard Davis and KB
Kenny Burrell
Pgh native Horace Parlan visitng my mom's house, He saw my Fender Rhodes and just sat ther playing and smiling
George and Ronnie Cuber Dr
Smith was also there.This is a reunion of GB"s first group at
The Temptations, Otis was the
lone original member
The great Joe Williams in Pgh
I love this shot I took of Diz
Nathan "Natedog" Lucas and
Mel Davis at the Lennox Lounge
Crystal Wilson A great vocalist and the mother of Shaunice Wilson
Dale Vickers and Eric Young
at the old Vet in Philly. Eric would get tickets for us all the time 
Thanks E, He has since retired
and is now on ESPN
Young Moises Alou when he played for the Pirates. I have many more baseball pictures!
Harold Mabern in Pgh with
Lance Goler
Jimmy Owens relaxing at a Pakistani Airprt
My dear freind and one of the last truly great organists
Gloria Coleman
Johnny and Norman Simmons
My children Nicole and Benares
Two Pgh Legends Jazz DJ,
Tony Mowad and clubowner
Johnny Adams
Leonard Herring, President of
Clarion Jazz
The Fabalous A-Team Hanging out the Night before
recording Supahighway
Sonny and Jug In Philly
Jammin' with Lou at the Lenox Lounge
click pictures to enlarge
Relaxing between takes at
Showplace Studio
Hard at work in the studio
The lengendary Grady Tate
rehearsing for a vocal performance
Mr. Tate giving a drum lesson
Grady Tate's manager, Ron
Curtis Fuller,Maurice Brown,Claude Reichstaller,
Amina Figaroa in Bahrain
Winard Harper in Bahrain
At the Lennox Lounge in the
early days, we used to start at 6:00
Thanks for the birthday party
every year at the lounge.Max
Lucas was kind Enough to share his party with me! His cake was bigger he's 98
Max Lucas,Seleno Clark and
Lou Donaldson at The Lennox Lounge
Matt Baronello, Nate Lucas and Anthony Nelson in Suffolk
Rapper Koolieo and friend at the airport in Bahrain
Trumpeter Maurice Brown At 
the airport in Bahrain
EJ, Big Don and Russell Malone at The Crossroads
The great Jimmy Ponder jammin' with Pgh R&B legend
the late Ronnie Jones
Jammin' for Gibson guitars with "Mean" Gene Ludwig and
H B Benett.This is Newport RI
the home of The Newport Jazz
The Late great Jorge Dalto, unidentifed saxman,EJ,Stanley Banks, Bobby Durham and
"Killer" Ray Appleton. Taken At Mikell's
This was taken in LA just before the "Bumpin' In LA session
Playing with Walt Harper at Pgh'sHolidayHouse.That's Walt's brother Nate on tenor with Clarence Oden on alto the bass was with Ben Vereen, but sat in with us
Butch Jones,Dan Wasson,
McDuff,Erroll Gary, Donna Bey
Patsy and unidentifed
Grant's last promo picture
One of Dale Fielder's early groups with Gerry Allen piano, Greg Buford drums, Mike Logan, bass and Bobby White percussion
Jammin' with John Heard and Tootie Heath in San Diego in the 90's
Hank Crawford,The great Gloria Coleman,organ,Calvin Newborn, guitar I don't know the drummer
Playing with Lou in the 70's
That's Terry Turner on organ
with Lou in the 70's
The great David Young and the mighty Joe Dukes Gary, IN
in the 70's
This picture shows Soulful
trumpetman Bobby Austin
The Lengendary Brother Jack McDuff. McDuff was a little Pissed because we spent the afternoon jammin' with Don Patterson
My First Gig in downtown Pgh.The Encore ll w Craig Zinger piano, Steve Foster,Drums and David Johnson, bass
These two guys really looked out for me as a18 year old getting started in life and music , I LOVED those guys, I'm crying tears of Happiness as I'm typing!
This is the old Celebrity Club in 
KC Miss Same Group as Gary In
Playing Dizzy's on a Sat Afternoon. That David Wong on bass
George Benson
Jimmy McGriff
Eddie Jefferson, James Moody, Mickey Tucker and Eddie Gladden
The great Richard 'Groove' Holmes and Lengendary guitarman, Thornal Schwartz
Erroll Garner
Jimmy Smith
George group featuring young Earl Klugh and the late Dave Parrish on drums and Roland Wilson on Bass
Ahmad Jamal
The late great Grover Washington Jr.
George gave me this picture years ago
This McDuff group features
Alfred "Pee Wee' Ellis ( playing the flute)
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