Jazz guitarist Eric Johnson's career spans over 40 years

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   Hello, my name is Eric Johnson  Jazz music and Jazz history are my passions.  With Homestead’s technology I'm able to construct and maintain the site myself. It's a great feeling to know that you can design and update your site anytime you want. I want my site to be a place that you save and return to from time to time. I

   After a 40 plus year career (and still counting) I've had the opportunity to play for and have met so many beautiful people and collected so many wonderful memories. Growing up in Pittsburgh, Pa. during the" Golden Age Of Jazz", I was fortunate enough to hear and meet so many jazz legends. My dad would take me to the matinees at the Legendary "Crawford Grill" and "Hurricane".  As time went on I would go myself and order food and soda.  As a 16 year old, the staff knew I was there only for the music.  As a result, I heard brilliant, inspirational music.  I would make a point to go on a Monday or Tuesday night so I could meet and talk to the musicians. Most of those guys are gone now but those that are left are still friends of mine.  I want my site to be somewhat of a tribute to those days. In addition to being a musician I like to think of myself as a jazz historian.


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